LUSH roof mural //

The work team at LUSH Broadmead in Bristol had an uninspiring outdoor space to have a tea break in. A bleak empty flat roof, surrounded by high brick walls of other inner city buildings, an urban desert. Occasionally an insect would fly by and would keep on going.

In 2016 I suggested that it could be improved with a roof mural and some plants and the manager agreed. So paid hourly, I set about designing a mural that would be simple, in the colour pallet of the company and easy to maintain. As I worked on the roof, some LUSH staff also became creative and made a bug playground.

The design was based on the 8 planets and moon of our solar system, with Earth in the middle of the roof, with circles within it representing the oceans, mountains and forests. The design aimed to bringing a sense of bigger natural elements of our environment into a small cramped city-scape, to remember them. I painted the roof white and did the patterns in recycled black paint.